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      Doo Prime is a wholly owned subsidiary of Doo Holding Group. With years of industry experience and world-class technical support, Doo Prime will provide retail customers and professional traders with the best liquidity solutions for financial markets, allowing investors to enjoy the fastest rates at the lowest market rates. The speed of the transaction.
      Doo Prime is an innovative company that will adopt your feedback to continuously improve the platform's professionalism and customer trading experience. Doo Prime will work with all partners to become a financial market leader and your private veteran broker.

      Doo Holding

      Doo Holding Group's brands include Doo Prime, Doo Tech, Doo Clearing, Doo Intelligence. Doo Holding serves customers and businesses around the world with advanced technology and advanced products.

      Years of experience, professional skills, and strong strategic planning have resulted in the success of various brands. In the future, we will strive to become a company that values technology, provides better services, and provides innovative products that you can trust.

      Doo Tech

      Doo Tech is a technology company that has been serving a number of companies for many years and is recognized by the industry. Our data is safe. Technical security, network security, privacy and security. More important is the security of customer information, for which we have won many awards. We are providing technical services to liquidity providers, bridging companies and more.

      Based on Amazon AWS/Google Cloud/Alibaba Cloud, we are constantly advancing and innovating.

      Doo Clearing

      Doo Clearing is a liquidity provider that works with the world's leading liquidity organizations, including HSBC, DBS. Based on Doo Tech technology, it provides stable quotes and liquidity. Today, more than 50 brokers provide years of reliable and stable operation for our liquidity.

      In the future, we will provide liquidity to more companies through cutting-edge systems and low commissions.

      Doo Intelligence

      Doo Intelligence is a financial consulting firm that provides consulting services to companies. We have years of consulting experience providing financial products and management strategies to industry-leading partners. All of our subsidiaries will provide you with all the services you need for financial products.

      We are a more professional and trustworthy financial consulting firm.