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      Mobile phone transaction terminal and MT4

      The use of mobile platforms has changed the way people trade.

      Nowadays, you no longer need to keep an eye on your trading terminal, but you can monitor the market from your smartphone or tablet and trade anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world. Doo Prime has launched a mobile version of its main trading platform, all of which benefit from our conflict-free and no-trader platform intervention environment. With the MT4 for iPhone and iPad, you can now enjoy the industry's most popular trading platform with full mobile capabilities. Easily open and close your warehouse with your iPhone and iPad, and directly monitor the market and perform technical analysis with more than 30 pre-installed technical indicators on your smart device.

      The Android operating system is a revolution in smart devices, just as MetaTrader 4 is a revolution in online trading technology. Now, the Android version of MetaTrader 4 combines the two to allow you to access your MT4 account from any Android device with internet access.

      MT4/MT5 Function and advantage

      MetaTader 4

      MetaTader 4 It is a software that directly enters the transaction information you want and uses automated trading to enable trading robots. Using Metatader 4 trading currencies and CFDs (CFDs between various financial instruments), it is not only known for being the most popular online trading platform connected to the global market, but also for small margin trading (especially online personal investment transactions) Business) The most effective and suitable software.

      The online/electronic trading platform is a computer-based software program that provides a wide range of financial instruments, including online transactions, designed to be used by professional financial institutions (brokers) operating on the web to provide trading services. Online investors provide real-time marketplace through trading platforms, while the platform has some useful additional trading tools - such as trading account management functions, we use real-time news, charts to maximize the potential role.

      Compared to today's online trading platforms (such as various currencies, stock indices, capital, futures and options), the first software version is almost entirely linked to the stock exchange. Even in the 1970s, brokers and their financial transactions were hand-made, and traders could not enter the global financial markets directly or through intermediaries. In addition, although electronic trading platforms were used at the time, they were only used as part of the trading transactions of these institutions. The first platform was mainly used for securities transactions called RFQs (quote request: transaction request), where the client and broker placed the order and later concluded that the system was finalized. Since the 1970s, it has evolved into a software that provides real-time traffic pricing and progressive development of immediate order execution and user interfaces that are easy to use.